Our Forest


Grey County owns approximately 8,500 hectares of forest, with 45 individual Forest Properties and 77 km of CP Rail Trail from Dundalk to Owen Sound. In 2011, Grey County obtained Certification from the Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) for all of the County's forests.

The FSC Certification process prescribes essential elements and standards for environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management. The County and trail user groups help maintain and monitor County forests in many ways, working in partnership to develop guidelines for what is and isn't permitted within the forest. Some clubs also help with maintenance by grooming trails or by partnering with the County on projects to enhance and update trails within forests. Annually, the County budgets funds for improving forest properties and benefits from revenue generated by its forest properties. In 2015, County forests are expected to generate over $100,000 in net revenue for the County, clearly underscoring the benefits of sustainable, long-term forest management not only for ecological reasons, but for economical rewards, as well. The 2011 Forest Certification and associated Forest Management Plan mean that Grey County Forests are being managed to world-class standards and form part of a network of certifed forests that provide environmental, ecological, economical, social, and cultural benefits to the people living in and visiting the region.